About Shen Therapy

shen-therapy-icon.pngSHEN is the acronym for Specific Human Energy Nexus.

It was developed by American researcher Richard Pavek. A scientifically researched form of energy healing, SHEN aims to release emotions trapped in your body, leading to freedom from suffering and tension.

SHEN teaches that most emotions are held in your torso at four main sites:  your heart, solar plexus, below your navel and at the base of your spine. In a SHEN session Barbara discusses your needs with you, ascertains the locations of your somatically held emotions and determines an appropriate physio-emotional treatment plan for you. You lie fully clothed on the specially designed SHEN table and she places her hands in paired positions on your emotional centres. A naturally present energy flows from her hands through your emotional centres, in a precise way, to discharge your debilitating emotions.

Troubling emotions from the past, once fully released with SHEN, do not recur. This leaves you freer to respond to new experiences from a fresher feeling state.


Do you suffer from ...

Panic Attacks



Stressful Emotions

Low Self Esteem


Sexual Abuse PTSD

Trauma PTSD

Head Injury


Shen can help you overcome these conditions!

More information can be found at www.shentherapy.info

Barbara Smith

Clinics Address:
1st Floor, Lake House Arts Centre
37 Fred Thomas Drive
Takapuna, Auckland

Appointments can also be made for my Devonport office. 

Mobile: 021 848 495

About Barbara

Barbara Smith is a fully Certified SHEN Therapist and retired Psychotherapist MNZAP based in Auckland, New Zealand.  

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