Psychotherapy Services

Individual Therapy

Do you feel that life isn't working out the way you'd hoped and that no one really understands you? But you look around and others seem to be happy and successful.

It's a lonely place to be and, although you've tried, nothing seems to change. Friends and family are in the dark about what's really eating you up inside, and often their best efforts just haven't worked.

This is how most people feel when they come to see me for therapy. It's a positive step even though you might be feeling a bit embarrassed and anxious. I can reassure you that over 20 years I have worked with and heard all sorts of human trials and behaviours, and I don't judge or criticise, because these things happen in life. Together we figure out a way forward for you and I support you through your deep feelings and longings into the changes you want. I keep what happens between us confidential, so that you can safely unfold your inner truths. Therapy is then the safe place for you to come out of hiding. It's amazing how change happens when your unconscious becomes conscious. That is why I love this work.

As the Buddha said "life is suffering". My job is to get you through your suffering and to a more fulfilling inner and outer life.

Contact me now for an initial consultation, where we have a therapy session and you can decide if I am a good match for you to proceed with. If not then I will thoughtfully refer you on to an appropriate therapist for you.

If you are returning to therapy and want a fresh approach, please be in touch. My guiding principle in therapy is attuning the treatment specifically to you. I have trained deeply in several modalities, but being responsive to you, each moment, and using what works for you, gets results. And that is what we are both after.

My fee structure for a session starts at $140


Couple Counselling

I work with couples too. If your relationship has reached an impasse and the same old conflicts recur, then couple work is for you. There is nothing lonelier than being isolated in a relationship. Lasting relationships have the capacity to repair after disappointments and fights. Whether you two need new skills for relating, an improved sex life or just some straight talking, call me.

My fee for couples sessions starts at $150


My training

I trained as a psychotherapist at AIT, Auckland, and later returned (AUT) to gain a Post Grad Certificate in Clinical Supervision. I am a senior practitioner with an Advanced Practice Certificate from my professional body NZAP. I regularly examine psychotherapy students and supervise psychotherapists, counsellors and clinical managers.

The 3 strands that weave through my work are Interpersonal Psychodynamic, Integrative Gestalt and Body-Mind therapy. My clients have taught me that the unconscious is in the body and that the royal road to that is your dreams, fantasies, symptoms and creative lives. I have specialised in treating over and under felt emotions with great success.

Therapy, beyond relieving suffering, becomes a spiritual pursuit of mindfulness and balance.

Barbara Smith

Clinics Address:
1st Floor, Lake House Arts Centre
37 Fred Thomas Drive
Takapuna, Auckland

Appointments can also be made for my Devonport office. 

Mobile: 021 848 495

About Barbara

Barbara Smith is a fully Certified SHEN Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist MNZAP based in Auckland, New Zealand.  

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