What people say about Shen Therapy

"Before I started the Shen sessions with Barbara, I was feeling really stuck in my life. I had terrible depression and suffered from chronic lower back pain. I had 3 double sessions with Barbara and it totally changed my life! My depression is much better; in the past, it would take me days to get out of a downward spiral. The longest a "down" will last now is maybe for a day and I feel much more clear headed and able to cope with whatever life throws at me. I don't have any back pain as well and as a result, I have much more energy. Barbara is a wonderful therapist and I would strongly recommend Shen."
M.S. (Early Childhood Teacher)


"Barbara helped me uncover and release deep anxieties and sadnesses I had held for years. Even months later, I continue to feel a deeper sense of well-being."

RJ, Software developer

"I was referred to Barbara by my doctor. I was failing to thrive after the traumas of 2 throat operations and a later haemorrhage when I almost died. I had lost a lot of weight, felt constantly very fatigued and jumpy and could only work 4 hours a day. As a result of the traumas I was terrified of dying and lived with constant anxiety, fear and in a state of powerlessness.

The SHEN therapy released these feelings of fear & powerlessness & constant anxiety. Now I feel way calmer, I feel I can cope & I feel back in control again. SHEN basically made me become normal again because I wasn't myself at all - now I am back working full time and I can once again cope with life."

I.V. (Administrator)

"Prior to starting the Shen Therapy with Barbara in 2012 I was unable to drive over the Auckland Harbour Bridge, actually any bridge for that matter. The Newmarket Viaduct was another no-no, I would get off at the Market Road exit and get back on at the St Marks Road on ramp. I had an extreme fear of bridges. I was a quivering, trembling mess just thinking about attempting to drive over a bridge. I had even lost my nerve to drive long distances so I never travelled out of Auckland. Flying was another nightmare.

I attended the six sessions and didn’t notice any visible changes. Melodramatic as it may sound the change was so overwhelming I still have to pinch myself. I received a call from my daughter’s partner to go to Whangarei Hospital immediately and he wouldn’t elaborate.

My brain went into overdrive, I rushed home from work, packed a bag and set off in my car. It briefly crossed my mind that I needed to drive over the harbour bridge but the thought was fleeting as I needed to get to Whangarei as safely and quickly as I possibly.

I have since driven over the harbour bridge to attend further sessions with Barbara and I flew to Sydney last week. I went into the Shen Therapy as a sceptic and I am still trying to get my head around the fact that it works. Truly, life changing."
N.C. (Office Administrator)


"For as long as I can remember, I have been terrified of dogs. My heart rate would increase, I would start shaking and sweating, and my breathing would change. I have walked out into moving traffic to avoid dogs and walking along the beach was never enjoyable. Since having SHEN, my fear has noticeably decreased; I no longer shake or start to sweat, my breathing no longer changes. While I am still wary around some dogs, I now often enjoy meeting new ones, and walking along the beach is not the horrible experience it used to be."
L. A. Health Manager


"I was having panic attacks because my chest was so tight I couldn't breathe. My doctor tested for asthma. 3 SHEN sessions with Barbara was all it took to resolve my symptoms."
H.R. (University Student)


"SHEN has transformed my life by reducing my anxiety. It has enhanced my enjoyment of life and it has alleviated physical symptoms of neuralgia and joint pain. I now have a positive sense of well being."
J.G (Health Professional)


"I was in a state of shock after the earthquake and I felt traumatised and panicked by the hundreds of aftershocks. I had SHEN, with Barbara, a month later and after just 3 sessions all the held trauma was gone. Now I feel completely relaxed and calm even during big aftershocks. My heart doesn't race anymore when the ground trembles. I just wish I'd had the SHEN series sooner."
A. W. (Manager, Christchurch)


"A SHEN series with Barbara cleared my negative energy fields caused by early traumas in my life. It released me from fear that was so unconscious, it paralysed me. I learnt to live with this but it restricted me, and I tended to be defensive with other people, even if they didn't realise it. This fear stopped me from living to my full potential, it interfered with my life journey.

I could only feel this consciously and fully articulate it after the energetic release of the SHEN series. SHEN released my energy field of the locked up negative energies inside me and freed me emotionally"

B. F. (Artist)

Barbara Smith

Clinics Address:
1st Floor, Lake House Arts Centre
37 Fred Thomas Drive
Takapuna, Auckland

Appointments can also be made for my Devonport office. 

Mobile: 021 848 495

About Barbara

Barbara Smith is a fully Certified SHEN Therapist and retired Psychotherapist MNZAP based in Auckland, New Zealand.  

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